Biclops is the guardian of the Magic Chalk Mine. He was originally created with a single eye and was named Cyclops. He has the ability to display images and videos using one of his eyes as a television screen.

Personality Edit

Biclops is somewhat strict, threatening to ban Rudy from ChalkZone whenever he does something irresponsible or puts ChalkZone in danger. He is very cautious about allowing people into ChalkZone, and protective of the Magic Chalk Mine. Despite this, he is also quite friendly and reasonable.

Physical Description Edit

Biclops has light yellow skin and two eyes stacked vertically above his mouth. He wears a red and green kilt with green shoes and a green hat. He has two tufts of orange hair, one on either side of his head. He talks in a Scottish-accent.

History Edit

Long before Rudy entered ChalkZone, many young Creators ran freely within it, drawing recklessly and wreaking havoc. Biclops, previously known as Cyclops, was drawn by a careless young creator, who gave him only one eye and very poor vision. In order to prevent irresponsible creators from drawing destructive things, he became the guardian of the Magic Chalk Mine, allowing no one to take the Magic Chalk. During the events of the show, Rudy is able to earn Cyclops's favor by drawing him a second eye, improving his vision by fifty percent. After Rudy earns his trust by drawing responsible things to help the people of ChalkZone, Biclops agrees to allow Rudy into the Chalk Mine to take as much chalk as he wants.

Trivia Edit

  • Biclops appears to be interested in golf.
  • He may also be interested in physical fitness, as he is often shown exercising.
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