Blocky is one of Rudy's earliest chalk drawings.

Personality Edit

Blocky is very happy-go-lucky and excitable. He does not appear to be very intelligent.

Physical Description Edit

Blocky is a pale green rectangle with two asymmetrical ovals for eyes and a large mouth, the corners of which surpass the edges of his body. He has very short arms and legs.

History Edit

Blocky was drawn by Rudy long before Rudy first drew Snap. In The Skrawl, Rudy refers to Blocky as his "first drawing."

Relationships Edit


Blocky appears to be close friends with Snap, often hanging out with him in ChalkZone.


Rudy and Blocky share an automatic fondness for one another, due to Blocky being one of Rudy’s earliest creations. This is shown during their first meeting in Rudy’s First Adventure, when they immediately hug upon meeting one another.