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Biohazard (バイオハザード) is a Japanese psychological thriller anime series based on the manga of the same name. It first ran from 1968. Since then, it was a major success, with over 500 million viewers as of 2011. Merchandise based of the anime was released on 1975, some of them being only in Japan. Funimation produced an English dub in 2001.


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She is an 8 year old girl with a cheerful personality. While her origins are unknown, she is incredibly strong. She is also very smart, being able solve the hardest problems no one could ever do. Even she can be snotty sometimes, she is a determined to save the world from evil.

Snap big

Snap (スナップ, Sunappu)

A blue alien who was sent to earth to destroy all the recources. Due to a malfunction in his ship, he accidentally bumped his head and lost his memory of being an evil warrior. When Michiko was taking a walk to forest, she found him unconscious with another alien, Natsumi. Eventually he became best friends and decided to be her sidekick. Throughout the anime, Snap has grown fond of her and will do anything to impress her.

Natsumi (なつみ)
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A little purple alien who's been Snap's best friend ever since her was a kid. Like him, she was sent to destroy Earth. When Michiko found her and Snap in their space pod, she decided to be frriends with them. Natsumi will aid Snap in missions, being handy for tough situations such as fixing a pipe. Natsumi will do anything to be with Snap forever.

Jacob (ジェイコブ, Jeikobu)

Michiko's 10 year old brother. He can fix about anything, like toy cars and ships. However, he is jealous of Snap being with Michiko.


The manga was first published in 1981, lasting all the way to 1995.