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(Note: The idea for this story was originally called ChalkZone The Movie: Early Days Story that was written by my nuts on He never finished this story so I decided to do my own verson on this idea. All credit for this storyline goes to my nuts. I'm just improvising with it that's all. I REPEAT, ALL CREDIT FOR THIS STORYLINE GOES TO my nuts.)

In ChalkZone at the Future Dome, Craniac 4 was riding the Thermometer Elevator towards the Central Control Tower of the Dome with the final piece of his invention, the chromatic analyzer. Once he arrived at the top, all that going through his memory banks was only excitment and the fact that after many months and days of slaving away at this piece of equipment that was only in pieces when it was first erased into his humble abode had finally payed off. "At Last! I, Craniac 4, whom is smarter than Craniac 3, sooo much smarter than Craniac 3 and particually brilliant compared Craniac 1 have in my possession the key to my greatest invention yet!" Yelled out Craniac to no one in particular. Self-praise always made Craniac 4 feel superior. He rundle over to the great Machine that was centred in the middle of the main control room, opened a panel and placed the gizmo inside into its socket. Craniac closed the pannel and moved over to the computer that was set on the side of the machine. "Now that the chromatic analyzer is in place, all I have to do is type in the final computations into the system annnddd......." He trailed off as he finished typing. There was a large grinding nosie and whirring and a lound bell went off to signal that the Machine was on. "It's done!!! cried Craniac. But before he could even compute another thought, a loud hiss and steam bellowed behind him that told him that someone or something was using the Thermometer Elevator was in use and that it had reached his level. Craniac spun around to see the Elevator's occupent. "You! What are you doing here?" asked Craniac recognizing who the figure was. Snap! But Snap doesn't wear red tights and cape! "This does not compute..." began Craniac but before he could continue, the Snap figure lunged at him and the last thing Craniac yelled out was "Wait, NOOO!"