Joseph Walter "Joe" Tabootie is Rudy's father. He owns a butcher shop in Rudy's hometown, Plainville.

Personality Edit

Joe Tabootie is an optimistic, energetic, amiable, loving husband and also a good father.

Physical Description Edit

Joe has green eyes and orange hair, with thick eyebrows and a bushy mustache and also has a bald spot. He is taller and thinner. He wears business casual work clothes: a black tie with a white dress shirt with brown slacks. He also wears large yellow boots to work. As a child, he had a crew-cut hairstyle with a orange and red striped t-shirt and wears brown shorts and green shoes.

History Edit

Joe has lived in Plainville since childhood. As a child, he attended Clunkwright School with Rudy's mother, Millie Tabootie.

Relationships Edit


Rudy is Joe's only son. Joe has a good relationship with his son, and they seem to enjoy one another's company. Rudy frequently offers support to his father's endeavors. Some examples of this include Rudy risking the safety Chalkzone in order to win Joe's approval in Waste Mountain and going out of his way to prevent his Joe's dreams from being crushed in The Heist.

Millie Tabootie

Millie is Joe's wife. The two are deeply in love and have a good relationship. Joe has been in love with Millie since elementary school, when he first saw her win the spelling bee and thought she was "the prettiest girl he'd ever seen." In high school, they went to a Hawaiian-themed prom together, and they dreamed of going on a Hawaiian vacation together, sharing a special connection to the song "Honolulu Lulu."


  • Joe is similar to Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, because they both have bushy mustaches, both are optimistic, both are taller and thinner and they both have a good relationship with their kids (Rudy and Rod and Todd). Also, when Joe speaks, his voice resembles Ned Flanders in a high distorted pitch.