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Penelope Victoria “Penny” Sanchez is a young Latina girl who is one of Rudy's classmates and his best human friend. Penny is voiced by Hynden Walch,[1] with her singing voice provided by Robbyn Kirmsse.[2]


Smart and an overachiever, with a passion for science.[3] Penny has a particular fondness for mathematical equations and formulas. She was described by New York Times writer Allison Fass as being "left-brained and analytical."[4] Penny speaks with a prominent lisp. It would seem Penny's smarts partly come from her mother, Veronica Sanchez, a veterinarian who is referred to in-show as "the best veterinarian in Plainville."

Penny is the only girl who knows about ChalkZone, as Rudy trusts her not to tell anyone about it. The song "Escucha Mi Corazon" taps into her Latin roots since she can be heard singing the song in Spanish. It’s also shown that Rudy and Penny have crushes on each other.


Penny, as she appears in season 4.

Penny has chin-length brown hair and a brown skin color. In Season 1-3, Penny wore an olive short-sleeved turtleneck sweater (tank top in the final season), a dark green plaid skirt, ankle-high socks that matches the olive color (not in the final season), red-brown sneakers (flats with white short platforms in the final season), and has emerald earrings. She has it from their old sneakers. She also has red classic glasses.


Penny first appeared, but without any real introduction, in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short "Rudy's Date". In the short, Reggie Bullnerd erased the scientific formula for perpetual motion that she had written on a chalkboard. Prepare to help, Rudy brought her with him into the ChalkZone to retrieve the formula. Snap unwillingly helped them find the pieces of the formula, most of which had been stolen by Butch Biceps (he had used the variables to decorate his motorcycle jacket).

Penny since then became a regular on ChalkZone well into when it became its own series, where her introduction was revised, in the episode "Rudy's Story". In that episode, Penny was introduced as Plainsville Elementary's new student, whom Rudy is obviously attracted to. Rudy explained his "vacation" in ChalkZone to her, but although she found the story interesting, she likely didn't find it "scientifically possible" until the events of "Rudy's Date", which occurred later.

In addition to solving mathematical and scientific problems, Penny is also ready to help Rudy and Snap (whom she seemingly finds annoying, and vice-versa) when needed. Penny's friendship with Rudy nearly fell out once, in the episode "Power Play", when he faked his science project by drawing a machine that produced Bobbleheads of Snap, which led the egocentric Dr. Von Dockter to believe that Rudy had discovered the secret of perpetual energy. Penny was at first furious that Rudy had used the dimension he was defending to cheat on a science fair, to the point that she practically broke his heart. But after Dockter and his men dragged Rudy and his parents away for scientific research, Penny set her anger aside and used the Magic Chalk herself for the first time in order to help Rudy out of his predicament.

Another time Penny proved her heroism was the episode "Chalk Queen", where she had another argument with Rudy, as he had forgotten to provide illustrations for her biology report. She was then captured by Skrawl, who tried to get her to help him take over ChalkZone. She pretended to agree, and then, once Rudy had dueled with her for a bit, Penny revealed that her going along with Skrawl's plan was all just an act, and she eventually forgave Rudy again.

It's very obvious that Rudy has a large crush on Penny, as he has the tendency to stare lovingly at her whenever she talks scientifically.


  • Penny was added to the series due to show's creators Bill Burnett and Larry Huber felt that the show needed a female presence.[5]
  • Penny's personality is very similar to Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo in that they are both smart and wear glasses.
  • Penny's personality is also similar to Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • She is the only female main character in the series.
  • She is also the only main character to turn “evil”. (Which was actually playing a trick on Skrawl.)
  • She makes a cameo appearance in the Game Boy Advance version of Nicktoons Attack Of The Toybots, as a master model replacing Rudy who also made a cameo appearance as a master model in the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS versions of the game.



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