Queen Rapsheeba (voiced by Rosslynn Taylor), is a rapper in Chalkzone. She has been in a lot of plays and musicals. She really loves to rap. She is Snap's love interest. Rudy also fell in love with her creator, Trina. She also lived in a haunted house for a brief time. It is hinted that she‘s returned Snap's feelings in "The Crush".

Appearance Edit

Queen Rapsheeba is a humanoid chalk drawing who’s about the same height of Snap. She has a smal waist, Big red lips, green eyes, and long hazelnut hair. She wears a white shirt with black pants and shoes. She also wear a black hat.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a parody of Queen of Sheba, as well as a parody of the real-life artist Queen Latifah. Also Queen of Sheba.