• First appearance of Penny Sanchez in the series, who made her debut on Oh Yeah! Cartoons in 1999 in "Rudy's Date", which would air a few episodes later in the series. She is explained to have moved to Plainsville around the summer prior to her and Rudy's fifth grade year, thus explaining her absence in the first two Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.
  • This is the first episode where Rudy doesn't go to ChalkZone in the episode itself, but he's shown in ChalkZone in his story he's telling Penny.
  • This is the first episode of the series proper where Rudy's crush on Penny is shown, though it was previously shown in the short Rudy's Date".
  • Along with "Rudy's First Adventure", which was paired up with this episode, this episode initially premiered on Nickelodeon on December 31, 1999 (thus making it the final '90s Nicktoon). For unknown reasons, Nickelodeon delayed the show for two years. The show "officially" premiered on Nickelodeon on March 22, 2002. Rudy's comic book is dated '99 on the cover, which was a remain of the original airdate.
  • Apparently, Rudy doesn't draw himself with his buck-teeth in his comic.
  • Rudy's line "But that's not the way it happened" was recycled twice when Penny is talking to Rudy about more realistic ways things could go in his story.
  • This is the first episode to be animated by Rough Draft Studios.
  • The music playing when the rest of the kids are returning to class was originally played in The Fairly OddParents short "The Temp!", which also aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons along with ChalkZone. This is the first time a background music cue from The Fairly OddParents would be used in the show. Both shows have Guy Moon composing the background score and were produced by Frederator Studios, sharing a lot of the production staff. This cue would be played multiple other times in the series.


  • When Penny first starts reading Rudy's comic book, the top of the neck part of her shirt lacks an outline.
  • When Rudy is drawing the comb, he's using his left hand instead of his right. While it could be possible that he's ambidextrous, "Disarmed Rudy" would show that he can't draw with his left hand very well.
  • When Rudy shows his comic book to the class the second time, "Tabootie 99" is missing from the cover.
  • Rudy seems a little more willing to share to other people about his adventures in ChalkZone, while in other episodes, he always keeps it a secret. Later in the episode, he mentions that it was an "imaginary" adventure, showing that he's trying to hide it.
  • Both Blocky and Michelle Norwiegiano are mentioned in the credits, however neither of them appeared in the episode.