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"Secret Passages"
Season 1 (Originally aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons season 2), Episode 3C (Oh Yeah! Cartoons episode 18A)
Secret Passages title card.PNG
Production Code: 106C
Airdate: December 31, 1999 (original premiere), April 5, 2002 ("official" premiere) (Oh Yeah! Cartoons debut: October 23, 1999)
Villain(s) Featured: N/A
Writer(s): Bill Burnett and Larry Huber
Director(s): Larry Leichliter
Storyboards by: Sean Bishop
Art Direction: Carlos Ramos
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"Pie Day" (regular series)
"Chalk Dad" (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)
"Hole In The Wall" (regular series)

"Secret Passages" is the fifth Oh Yeah! Cartoons short of ChalkZone. In the series proper, it was included as part of season 1, episode 6.


Trying to find their hamster for a science project, Penny and Rudy accidentally enter the Nightzone.


Penny and Rudy are working on a science project, specifically a hamster maze. However, they don't have the hamster, causing Rudy to panic temporarily. He decides to use the Magic Chalk on a nearby chalkboard to retrieve the hamster at the school, hoping to stick his arm through the school's chalkboard. However, as Rudy sticks his hand through the board, he instead finds a dark place from inside. He quickly figures out it is ChalkZone at night, or Nightzone.

Shortly after entering Nightzone, Snap sneaks up on them, successfully scaring the duo. Snap shows Penny and Rudy that one half of ChalkZone is sunny and bright, while the other is dark and quiet. He explains Nightzone is where Zoners go to sleep, in addition to enjoying the nightlife. The trio attempt to enter their classroom to get the hamster, but don't succeed during their first couple of tries, meeting Rudy's father in his butcher shop on one attempt and seeing high school football players in another.

They eventually succeed at entering their school, only to wind up on the gym's chalkboard. Rudy accidentally pushes the chalkboard with Penny and Snap inside, and bump into Mr. Wilter all the while. Wilter chases after the kids, who run inside his classroom. They manage to retrieve the hamster, with Wilter trying to get inside. With seconds to spare, the gang escape through the chalkboard just as Mr. Wilter enters the room. He sees Rudy for a brief second, wondering if that was him.

As Penny, Rudy and Snap attempt to return home, Mr. Wilter tells the police he saw Rudy through the chalkboard, with the police chief not believing him. They briefly enter the room, with Wilter seeing them once again and pleading for the chief to look. As the gang disappeared by the time Wilter pointed out they were behind him, Mr. Wilter is handcuffed as Penny and Rudy return home as Rudy believes that they are going to have a substitute teacher for a while.