Skrawl's Song is a song sung by Skrawl in The Skrawl.


At last Rudy Tabootie, We meet face to face.

Ha! ha, ha, ha!

Hi, hi, hi, to you all. Who am I? Just call me Skrawl..

Who made ugly? Must be master Tabootie!

Oh you're the great creator and you really rock with your..

Magic chalk, magic chalk

But when it came to me, it is plain to see,

You made a monstrosity.

What am I? I don't know! Creepy guy, or potato.

Well I got news for you all. I'm Your boss, now crawl, for Skrawl..


  • There's a variation in the episode "Chalk Queen" when Skrawl realizes that Penny is a good chalk drawer as Rudy, so he decided to use her to rule Chalkzone. The song is the shortest by date as the lyrics are: "Hey hey hey, we can rock. Cause we got some magic chalk. You and me, soon will be, masters of Master Tabootie!!!".
  • Another variation was the half-hour episode "Double Trouble" sung by Skrawl featuring Craniac Four who helped him on inventing the Rudy Robot to help him defeat Rudy. This is the first (and only) Skrawl Song to be in a duet. The lyrics are: "Look look look, what we've got. Our own Rudy Ro-oh-bot. All who see, will think that he, is young Master Tabootie. We're gonna send him strollin' to Cha-alkzone for some... magic chalk, magic chalk. He'll be so sweet and kind just as he's designed to destroy the Chalk Mine. Then we'll have, what we claim. Chalkless Rudy as our slave. And so we'll sit on the throne. We'll be rulers of Chalkzone!!!".